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The George Kelly Society

The XXIVth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology,
to be held in Padua, Italy, in 2021, was postponed to July 14th to 17th, 2022

The Society
The George Kelly Society (GKS) is a multidisciplinary professional society which supports the study of, and communication about, the life and work of George Alexander Kelly (1905-1967), the Psychology of Personal Constructs, and Kelly's ongoing influence in the many fields to which he contributed.

The focus of the organisation is the Psychology of Personal Constructs, its theoretic developments and practical applications, and its relationships to neighbouring fields.

Membership is open to anyone interested in the life and work of George Kelly and the Psychology of Personal Constructs. Presently, there is no membership fee.

To become a member, send the Membership Application Form to the Secretary.


In Memoriam   

Steering Committee Interest Groups
President: Prof David Winter, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK
Vice-President: Prof Gabriele Chiari, Florence, Italy
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr Desley Hennessy, Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Information Officer: Prof Jörn Scheer, Hamburg, Germany
Dr.essa Chiara Centomo, Padua, Italy
Peter Cummins, MA, Coventry, UK
Dr Miroslav Filip, Brno, Czech Republic

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